CSI is the concrete company in DFW for all your concrete needs. Our Residential Concrete services cover every client needs project for. Some of the projects our company specializes in are:

Cracked sidewalks not only look unsightly, but are also potentially dangerous. Don’t wait until you trip and fall to call us about replacing worn-out sidewalks!

Our knowledgeable crew at CSI can handle the project from start to finish: removing old materials, prepping the site, supplying ready mix concrete and installing the finished sidewalk.

We can also set up new sidewalks from your home to your garage, workshop or simply to the street. You’re sure to find a look that gives your home a touch of class and character.

Safety is of paramount importance in any weather condition. Concrete walkways, when adequately textured, offer improved traction, reducing the chances of slip and fall accidents.

Proper installation and maintenance also play a vital role in enhancing safety, so that residents can navigate their surroundings with confidence throughout the year, regardless of the weather.

Moreover, concrete’s low maintenance requirements make it a practical choice for homeowners, saving them time and effort in maintaining safe and reliable walkways for their families and visitors.

Widen, extend, refresh or remodel your driveway in a snap: just call us and we’ll take care of all the details, including supplying the ready mix concrete, preparing the site for installation and laying the new concrete.

If your children are growing up and ready for their own cars, you’ll quickly realize how tedious it is to have a single-lane driveway. Consult with us about various driveway designs to choose the best parking options for your situation. Also choose a traditional concrete color and finish, or opt for something more sophisticated, like a brick stamp pattern, complete with colored shading to make it look like the real deal.

Stamped concrete is concrete that is patterned and/or textured / embossed to resemble brick, stone, tile, wood, or various other materials. Stamped concrete is commonly used by concrete companies for patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and interior flooring. Contractors and clients alike, appreciate stamped concrete for its ability to resemble and often outlast prohibitively expensive materials like stone and slate.

Utilizing decorative concrete in your outdoor space is a great way to add depth and character at an affordable price. Decorative concrete is also durable so you know you will be getting good use out of it for years to come. When it comes to stamped concrete in DFW area, we can do almost any design you would like. Pebble, rock, brick, and stone shapes have all been some of our most popular options in the past, and they have proven to hold up nicely and look beautiful in our clients’ yards.